Naming guidelines

  1. Name: The official name for the platform is “Open Source Community Africa” with its acronym as O.S.C.A.


  • Refer to the community as “O.S.C.A”

  • Describe the community as “O.S.C.A stands for Open source community Africa and is a community of Open source advocates and contributors across Africa. ”.


  • Refer to the community as “Open source Africa” or “Open source community” instead of "O.S.C.A".

  • Chapter name:


  • Each local O.S.C.A chapter must be named as “O.S.C.A (Location)”.

  • Name your chapter with a “Location” that is a city or area (e.g. London, Silicon Valley)Refer to your chapter as “OSCA (Location)"


  • Refer to your chapter as a “Open source community (Location),” “Open source africa (Location)" or “Open source (Location).”

  • Name your chapter with a “Location” that is a country or continent (e.g. Ghana, South-Africa, Africa).

Logo Guidelines:

  • Official O.S.C.A font - ORIBITRON

  • Official O.S.C.A logo colors and combination codes - #F7931E, #FFFFFF and #000000

  • Official O.S.C.A logo color combination scheme - Orange O.S.C.A icon on white background / White O.S.C.A icon on black background

  • When creating your logo, your city name should have a line spacing of 5

Logos can be gotten here